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At CORE renovation company in Columbus, Ohio, we excel in full-scale building remodeling. We offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of your project, from conceptualization to completion. Our team of experts ensures that every detail aligns with your business’s needs and aesthetics. We specialize in interior redesigns, creating functional and visually appealing spaces that elevate your brand image.

We understand the importance of making your commercial property attractive to potential tenants. Our tenant improvement services are designed to enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your space. We work closely with property owners to create environments that meet the specific needs of their tenants, resulting in increased occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction.

Bathrooms are an essential aspect of any commercial space, and our team is skilled at designing and renovating these areas to the highest standards. We focus on creating commercial bathrooms that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, meeting the unique requirements of your business. Whether it’s a restaurant, office, or retail space, we ensure your bathrooms add value to your property.

In the commercial sector, a well-designed kitchen can be a significant asset. Our team is experienced in designing and renovating commercial kitchens for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. We prioritize efficiency, safety, and functionality in our designs, while also ensuring the aesthetic aligns with your overall brand identity.

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Who we serve

At CORE, we firmly believe in the power of a well-designed workspace to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. We specialize in transforming existing office spaces, tailoring them to fit your unique needs. Serving Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding client expectations, delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

Whether it’s for national retailers or boutique stores, we at CORE relish the opportunity to shape the customer journey while faithfully reflecting your brand. Our experience with both bustling urban settings and spacious suburban locations in Columbus allows us to bring significant value to the planning, design, and renovation stages of every project.

Restaurants are the heartbeat of our communities here in Columbus, Ohio, and at CORE, we cherish contributing to places that gather wonderful people. From lively fast-casual spots to refined dine-in venues, we’re always eager to leverage our extensive experience, passion, and inventiveness to the table.

In the field of education, the learning environment plays a crucial role in students’ progress. At CORE, we have the expertise and understanding to renovate educational facilities in the Columbus area, creating spaces that inspire learning and growth. We work closely with you to ensure the renovated space meets your institution’s specific needs while maintaining a safe, functional, and stimulating environment for students and staff alike.

In the hospitality industry, guest experience is paramount. At CORE, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with renovating hotels and resorts in the Columbus area. Whether it’s updating guest rooms for added comfort or reimagining public spaces for enhanced aesthetics and functionality, our team brings its wealth of experience, creativity, and attention to detail to every project, ensuring your guests enjoy a memorable stay.

At CORE, we focus on understanding our clients’ vision in-depth when it comes to multi-unit and mixed-use renovations. We work in harmony with the project team to ensure that this vision is realized. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, we provide a strong partnership and peace of mind, making sure your Columbus-based property reaches its full potential.

Full service design & build

At CORE Renovation, we are your all-inclusive solution for all commercial renovation needs in the Columbus, OH area. Our extensive commercial contractor services cover every facet of your project, from grasping and translating your vision into reality, to creating architectural plans, budget planning, and supervising the renovation process. We embody the ethos of expert craftsmen, problem solvers, and innovators.

By managing every detail, we eliminate the stress associated with coordinating multiple commercial companies and contractors. Our goal is to transform the process into a smooth experience, ensuring your ideal commercial space becomes a reality without the hassle. With our acute attention to detail and commitment to delivering value for money, we’re here to ease your burden and bring your ideal commercial space to life.

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CORE Renovation is a team of experienced commercial general contractors in Columbus, Ohio. Locally-owned, we’re proud to serve Columbus and its surrounding areas to transform your commercial renovation ideas into reality. We’re proud to say we’ve expanded our commercial general contracting services to cover New Albany, Westerville and Dublin.

Whether your project is as ambitious as a full-scale office remodel or as simple as revamping your restaurant’s kitchen or bathrooms, we’re your reliable partner. Serving a variety of commercial sectors including offices, retail, restaurants, education, hotels and resorts, and multi-unit mixed-use spaces, we will treat your commercial space with the same respect we would our own. Throughout the process we listen carefully to your vision and offer popular services such as interior building remodeling and tenant improvements.

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