Modern industrial bathroom

Project Details

  • Building: Residential
  • Type: Bathroom
  • Style: Modern industrial
  • Location: Columbus, OH

This bathroom wonderfully encapsulates a Modern Industrial aesthetic. The large hexagonal tile floors with white grout set a striking foundation for the space, while the freestanding flat-bottom white tub offers a modern, minimalist appeal. The white walls serve as a blank canvas, allowing the black art to pop, adding a touch of sophistication and personal flair to the room.

An essential feature of the Modern Industrial style is the use of raw materials, and the shower area reflects this beautifully. The glass doors maintain an open and airy feel, while the small black tiles on the floor and white subway tile backsplash create a pleasing contrast and add texture. Touches of natural brown throughout the room, such as the bamboo window shade and brown planter with green ferns, soften the industrial features and create a harmonious balance between nature and industry.