Distinctive modern farmhouse bathroom

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Project Details

  • Building: Residential
  • Type: Bathroom
  • Style: Distinctive modern farmhouse
  • Location: Columbus, OH

Eye-catching updates for your bathroom

Embodying Modern Farmhouse aesthetics, this bathroom pairs dark hexagon tiles with a freestanding white tub for a striking contrast. Classic white shiplap walls offer a warm backdrop to the bold fixtures, while a white cabinet countertop with recessed sinks provides a clean, stylish look. Black-framed cabinets add dramatic flair, and a star light fixture creates a unique focal point. The shower area combines white subway tile and a waterfall shower head for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing design, enhancing the user’s experience.

When to choose modern farmhouse for your renovation

While visually similar to farmhouse chic, modern farmhouse is actually its own separate style. While both styles share common farmhouse elements such as natural materials and neutral color palettes, modern farmhouse design tends to prioritize simplicity and sophistication, while farmhouse chic celebrates a more eclectic and layered aesthetic.

Modern farmhouse aims for a more streamlined and updated look without sacrificing comfort. If you’re interested in pursuing this style for your upcoming renovation project, get in touch with us today!